The Secret Côn Đảo

Perched on a pristine stretch of Côn Đảo coastline, in the heart of Côn Đảo’s charming town and many attractions, The Secret Côn Đảo offers an enchanting escape with sparkling sea views, stylish hotel rooms, captivating meeting venues and delightful dining options.

Hints of Côn Đảo’s storied heritage are complemented with tasteful contemporary design and environmental-friendly processes, protecting this cherished seaside destination and offering an unforgettable guest experience immersed in rich local culture. 

Exclusive dining experiences and activities abound – everlasting memories are created at The Secret Côn Đảo.


With rich cultural heritage, lush flora and pristine beaches, Côn Đảo is one of Vietnam’s best-kept secrets. Visitors to this storied archipelago will discover a rich treasure trove of experiences. Let us help you unlock unforgettable adventures to enrich your stay.
Bicycle & Bike Rental
Bicycle & Bike Rental
If you’d like to see more of the island than your feet can cover, take to exploring with two wheels. A bicycle tour around the island is a wonderful way to uncover its treasures at your own pace.
Trekking & Hiking
Trekking & Hiking
Set sail for neighboring islands, embark on epic treks or experience stunning marine life beneath the surface.
Snorkling & Diving
Snorkling & Diving
Dive Vietnam’s best coral reefs and discover a colorful world in the deep blue.

Customers Talk About Us

“Khách sạn này rất mới, trung tâm thị trấn nhân viên lịch sự nhiệt thận, đồ ăn ngon, đồ uống ngon, lần sau tôi sẽ quay lại. Tôi thích nhất là quầy bar Tropical có bạn Oanh giám sát pha đồ uống ngon, rất nhiệt tình với khách, xứng đáng năm sao 👍” – Do Hoang Nga

“Khách sạn The Secret Con Dao Giá phòng ba sao nhưng dịch vụ năm sao, ôi rất thích rất xứng đáng trãi nghiệm. Quầy buffet sáng đồ ăn rất ngon, đồ uống và thiết kế của quán Tropical cafe ngay tầng trệt rất tinh tế đẹp mắt, cám ơn bạn Oanh giám sát đã hỗ trợ chúng tôi hết mình và trò chuyện rất vui, lịch sự chuyên nghiệp. Chắc chắn quay lại năm sau” – Hoàng Thị Thanh Hương

“Cảnh quan đẹp, vị trị thuận lợi ven biển, gần bảo tàng, công viên. Nhân viên thân thiện. Đồ uống tại nhà hàng tropical ngon, bạn Oanh rất nhiệt tình, dễ thương. Nếu có dịp trở lại, nhất định tôi sẽ chọn Thế Secret Con Dao cho chuyến nghỉ dưỡng.” – Ms. Thảo

“I am outside guest. I went to Sunset bar in the Secret hotel, warm environment, nice view, good service, staff very friendly and funny, i love all signature cocktail made from Mr. Henry, excellence drink list!” – Jessica

“Ấn tượng thực sự mọi người ạ. Tôi đi nghỉ dưỡng cùng doanh nghiệp, vô cùng ưng cách phục vụ của nhân viên khách sạn, rất thân thiện từ bạn bell, lễ tân, nhân viên buồn phòng và đặc biệt tại quầy nước Tropical cafe đồ uống rất ngon miệng, yêu thích cách phục vụ của bạn Oanh giám sát và bạn Nguyên” – Ms. Ngân

“I love all drinks and cocktails here, the vibes, and especially the bartender Ms Oanh done her best for our request. the place is very nice and comfortable. Prices are also reasonable and affordable. Will come back” – Hoang Tu

“This hotel has the making of a great hotel with brilliant facilities and a perfect location. The rooms a very comfortable and just what you want for a family getaway with a magic pool area. The hotel still needs to still work through some service teething issues and given COvid it would not be making it easy. Service definitely needs to lift which I am sure it will over time. The restaurants and food is delightful.” – Mr. Shaun

“I have stayed at hotel on 30 Oct with my customers and really happy to this hotel. The launch with favorite sea foods, really delicious. My room is 420. The room very clean, quiet and i’m very satisfied with Ms Thơ ,Sup HK in this hotel. She really cute,friendly,humorous, professional and help me a lot when i stayed here.
I will advise my friends and customer about The secret Hotel.
Hope to see you again ^^. Love The Secret 3000 and Ms Thơ 1505 !!!!!” – Mr. Thông

“Khách sạn đẹp, đẳng cấp ngay trung tâm Côn Đảo thuận tiện cho việc đi lại. ” – Đặng Ngọc Khánh

“Good hotel, good service, decent swimming pool. Con Dao is not a very developed place but this hotel serves just right.” – karabeycs

“Just opened for 5 months so everything is brand new. It’s located in the center of Con Dao so very easy to get to, oposite to Con Dao Museum. Food is ok. A plus is this is a non-smoking and environmental-friendly hotel.” – Giang Phạm

“The Secret Con Dao located in excellent place. From the hotel you could see the beach of Con Dao. You enjoy the beautiful swimming pool and see the beach in front of the swimming. Specially you can see the sunrise from the hotel. I love this place very much and will recommend to all of my friends.” – Mr. Tom

“Thanks to the kind and accommodating staff, I had an unforgettable experience on Con Dao Island. From the moment we walked into the hotel to our taxi ride to the ferry to Vung Tau, everyone there made us feel at home. We got the Sunset Lounge Couple dinner for a birthday gift and the staff surprised us with a huge cake through room service! The best coffee by far at their main bar! The buffet was new every other day and plentiful, and the managers and chef’s came to check in on us frequently. I couldn’t be happier, and thanks again to you all for an excellent time <3 We love the Secret” – Teach Graham

“Con Dao is great travel destination though there are a few 4-5 star hotels in the island. Secret is best place to stay for those who seek place to enjoy city and nature. Market and historical sites in walking distance. Hotel staffs are friendly and helpful. Stylish design and interior, feel so comfortable” – Ms. Yoko

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    • 1Con Dao Museum
    • 2Phu Tuong Prison
    • 3Phu Hai Prison
    • 4Ferry Terminal
    • 5Island Chief Palace
    • 6Con Dao Market /Night Market
    • 7Lo Voi Beach
    • 8Hang Duong Cementary
    • 9Van Son Pagoda
    • 10An Son Temple
    • 11Lady Phi Yen Temple
    • 12Con Dao National Park
    • 13Airport Con Dao
    • 14 Hon Bay Canh Turtle Breeding