Mooncake Collection

From 07/09/2023 to 29/09/2023

One of the most important Vietnamese festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. As part of the festivities, loved ones come together to savour traditional sweets, light paper lanterns, and pay homage to the radiance of the night sky.

Reflecting the full moon’s round shape, the mooncakes signify unity and completeness, making them perfect for sharing with one’s nearest and dearest.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, savor sweet reunions with family and friends in Côn Đảo with a collection of home-baked mooncakes crafted from the finest ingredients, sure to infuse the celebrations with joy and delight.


– Coconut and Cashew

– Lotus Seed

– Matcha and Salted Egg

– Mung bean, Pandan and Côn Đảo “Bàng” seed

– Kala Til and Salted Egg

– Traditional Mixed Nuts and Salted Egg

– Côn Đảo Grouper

* Each 100gr mooncake goes with 01 teapot

Available until 29th September 2023 at Tropical Café

For more information and reservations, please ​contact us via phone number ​+84 (254) 3837 888 or Facebook page:


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