Get On Two Wheels

One of the first things visitors feel when arriving in Con Dao is the freshness and spaciousness with one side being a vast ocean view and the other side being an ancient house with French colonial architecture. Cycling around this beautiful island to learn more about the daily lives of local people will be an experience not to be missed during your trip to Con Dao. Immersed in the ancient architecture and immersed in pristine beauty, visitors will feel the pace of life seem to slow down on each street of the small town.

Try cycling along the coast to see the endless coastal road and enjoy the sea breeze mixed with the smell of flowers and grass from the green hills. Following the sea route towards Ben Dam port, you will see people and nature blending into one. Tourists will admire the attractiveness of the trees on both sides of the road and gradually will see the immense scenery between the cliffs on one side and the vast sea on the other.

Cycle around the quaint little town to see its rich cultural heritage and learn more about the local way of life. Find the best seat for yourself at the cafe that is loved for its nostalgic look and full of Instagram-worthy corners – Bale Coffee to enjoy the street view with rows of “heritage” bang trees already covering it. Cooling the quiet street corners of this island for more than a hundred years. During the season when the almond tree changes its leaves, the red leaves fill the roads, creating an indescribably poetic feeling.

The most suitable time for cycling is early morning or afternoon to catch the sunrise and sunset. It’s great to start the new day with an exciting activity, to enjoy the freshest and most peaceful air when the ocean is still covered in a blanket of morning dew. The sun peeks above the horizon, the sky gradually turns from dark to bright with vibrant colors just for you. Especially early morning cycling is also a great way to visit Con Dao and avoid the harsh summer sun. You can also find some souvenirs along the streets. “Bang” seeds and “bang” seed cookies are an indispensable specialty gift when traveling to Con Dao.

The Secret Con Dao has bicycles available for guests to borrow. Visitors can also rent motorbikes from private services on the island with an average price from VND 150,000/motorbike/day. Please contact our Front Desk team for instructions on borrowing a bicycle or renting a motorbike.