Payment Policy

Direct payment method:

This is a flexible payment option, for guests who book rooms directly at the hotel’s reception. Depending on the discussion, you will pay directly at reception or after your stay.

Online payment via bank cards:

When you made your booking via our website at, we required our guest to fulfill the credit card details to process the successful booking. We have a right to charge the total amount on your provided credit card depend on the rate which you chose. If you fail to pay for your reservation by the due time, we reserve the right to  unilaterally cancel your reservation.

Offline payment via bank cards

  • We will send you a “credit card payment authorization” form, please fill in all the required information, sign the form and send it back to us together with a 2-sided copy of your card, and a copy of your identity card/passport for guarantee purposes.
  • In case you want to use the card provided to us to pay for the reservation, we will collect the amount from your card on the due date. Please bring along your card and present it to our staff at the time of check-in for card-holder authentication. Otherwise, your booking must be paid by other cards or in cash. Then, we will refund the payment to the card from which we have collected the money. This process will take some time (from 14 to 30 business days) before you receive the amount on your card account.
  • We will collect the amount from the card provided by you, if you do not show up on the check-in date (no-show), this amount is non-refundable. We require that the guest staying at the hotel must be the card holder. We reserve the right to unilaterally cancel your reservation if you don’t provide sufficient information or if we don’t receive your response by the payment due date.

Payment via bank transfer:

This is a card less payment method, for guests who want to make reservations and guaranteed / settled payment in advance. We will send the booking confirmation with our bank details to your email address. Kindly transfer the correct amount to the hotel’s banks account with the notification of “Payment for booking ID…”. If you fail to pay for your reservation by the due time, we reserve the right to unilaterally cancel your reservation.

Refund Policy:

  • If the guest has made a deposit and full payment for the room reserved, but due to unexpected events, the guest cancels his/her trip, we will consider refunding options for the guest. The refund will depend on specific policy of each booking. Such a refund will be communicated by our staff to the guest via email.
  • The refund is made within 14 – 30 business days depending on banks and refund method.
  • Refund method: the refund will be made to the bank account provided or to the charged card
  • Refund fee: free of charge.