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A Three-Decade Journey of Preserving Nature’s “Heritage” in Côn Đảo

Since 1987, the sea turtle conservation journey in Côn Đảo has been fueled by the relentless efforts of Côn Đảo National Park in particular and environmental activists in general. 18 nesting beaches of green turtles have been established with protection stations, mother turtles have been tagged for tracking, and the coral reef ecosystem and seagrass beds have been carefully preserved. As a result, the number of sea turtles coming to nest and breed here has increased dramatically, from 27% (1993) to over 80% (2022), making Côn Đảo the area with the largest sea turtle population in the country with around 700 turtles each year (Data cited from the article: Joining hands to conserve sea turtles in Southeast Asia).

During the nesting season, giant mother turtles take turns coming to the calm beaches, finding a place with fine sand near the trees to lay their eggs and return to the sea after completing their mission. Depending on the temperature, the baby turtles will struggle out of the warm sand to begin their journey to the sea after 2-3 months under the close observation of the rangers. The moment the fragile baby turtles gropingly find their way to the sea is like a reminder of the power and resilience of nature.

However, only 1 in 1,000, or even 1 in 10,000 turtles survive to adulthood because they face many challenges from their first steps. Typically, seabirds, crabs, or wild animals are always lurking to devour the weak baby turtles. More seriously, natural traps such as storms, floods, and garbage are also potential threats that can take the lives of these small creatures at any time.

At the same time, current conservation efforts in Côn Đảo still face many challenges. Among them, the lack of trained personnel in sea turtle conservation is hindering the joint effort to protect this precious natural “heritage”.

“Every Stride We Take, Miles of Green We Make” Call in the Save Turtle Run Season 3

Recognizing the importance of sea turtle conservation and the desire to spread the spirit of responsible tourism in the community, the annual Save Turtles Run was launched in 2022, a meaningful initiative from AKYN Hotel Group and The Secret Côn Đảo Hotel.

After two successful years of organization, the Save Turtles Run Season 3 has been redesigned with many new and exciting features. In addition to changing the organizing time to the romantic sunset time when the last rays of the day gradually disappear, the Organizing Committee also offers participants a variety of running distances (3km, 5km, 10km) suitable for all subjects.

First up is a short 3km distance, promising to make the race more friendly for young runners and those new to the sport. Meanwhile, the traditional 5km distance is still maintained to meet the needs of a large number of participants. Finally, the 10km distance will be an exciting challenge for professional athletes and running enthusiasts.

In addition, the Season 3 running shirt is inspired by the stunning sunset scene as the sun dips below the horizon with alternating layers of red-orange and pale yellow. The race medals are also delicately etched with the image of a sea turtle surfacing, symbolizing their journey back to their nesting grounds each breeding season.

With these innovative changes, the Organizing Committee hopes that the 3rd Sea Turtle Run will continue to receive enthusiastic support from the community. Through this, raise awareness about the importance of sea turtle conservation, encourage a healthy sports spirit and at the same time inspire the trend of responsible tourism.

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