Snorkling & Diving

An archipelago of 16 islands and islets, Côn Đảo’s remote location, crystal clear waters and modest tourism scene make it Vietnam’s best diving spot with 25 dive sites to choose from.

With depths ranging from 5 to 25 meters, for recreational diving – and sheltered, shallow areas for snorkeling – Côn Đảo offers divers a unique opportunity to interact with the amazing variety of underwater life. Explore the untouched and pristine corals of over 400 different species (342 species, 61 specimens and 17 families), which play an important role in regulating and balancing oxygen in the ocean. There is also a chance to see rays, turtles, giant barracuda, cobia, batfish and small bamboo sharks, as well as a whole host of tropical reef fish.

The peak season for diving in Côn Đảo is from March to September, with the optimal months being April and May, while July, August and September are among the rainy season in Côn Đảo. Due to the high wind speed, the low season for diving is from November to February.