Turtle Hatching

Côn Đảo archipelago, also known as Côn Đảo National Park is considered the most important turtle breeding ground in Vietnam. The turtle nesting season is from June until September and the favorite place is Bay Canh uninhabited Islet – one of the islands of the Côn Đảo archipelago. Documents state that more than 700 mother turtles recorded breeding in Côn Đảo, and the park has hatched and released more than 170,000 baby turtles in 2020. Hence, Turtle hatching tour is listed as one of the must-do activities when traveling to Côn Đảo.

Half-day Sea Turtle Hatching Tour is the most popular day tour in Côn Đảo especially during hatching season. The tour offers a visit to turtle sanctuary ground, a wonderful way to become acquainted with these gentle sea creatures. The tourist will be briefed about the risk of turtle’s death from economic activities – the illegal hunting, turtle eggs sold to restaurants and the hard work of the park rangers and volunteers to keep Côn Đảo as the most favorable home for sea turtles in Vietnam. Additionally, there are a number of adventurous excursions and activities awaited at neighboring islands. Embark on epic treks or experience stunning marine life beneath the sparkling ocean surface.

Overnight Sea Turtle Nesting Tour at Bay Canh islet is less popular since there are limited number of visitors allowed to stay overnight on the islet.

It is advised not to stop the canoe on the beach where you want to watch turtles nesting and laying eggs because the canoe will frighten the turtles which go near the beach as early as 3pm to prepare to nest at night. So, get off the boat on the other side of the island and then walk to the beach the turtles choose will also be a nice experience.

Turtle watchers are advised to avoid making noises such as laughing or talking loudly when they are waiting for the turtles to arrive from the ocean. The ranger will alert you when the sea turtle come for nesting so don’t be worry that you will miss the precious moment.

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