Turtle Sanctuary

Established in 1993, Côn Đảo National Park is considered the most important turtle breeding ground in Vietnam with around 400 green and olive ridley sea turtles coming to 14 nesting sites of the park to lay eggs every year from May to October. From 1995 to date, the unceasing efforts of the Con Dao National Park Management Board have assisted over 21,000 sea turtle nests, with a hatching rate of over 80 percent. To date, about 1.5 million baby turtles have been released from Con Dao into the sea.

Half-day Sea Turtle Hatching Tour is the most popular day tour in Côn Đảo, especially during hatching season. There are beaches where turtles come in large numbers, such as the big sand beaches on Bay Canh Island, Cau Islet and Tre Lon Islet, and only one beach has nighttime access. The tour offers a visit to the turtle sanctuary ground, a wonderful way to become acquainted with these gentle sea creatures. The tourist will be briefed about the risk of turtle death from economic activities – the illegal hunting, turtle eggs sold to restaurants and the hard work of the park rangers and volunteers to keep Côn Đảo as the most favorable home for sea turtles in Vietnam. Additionally, there are a number of adventurous excursions and activities awaited on neighboring islands. Embark on epic treks or experience stunning marine life beneath the sparkling ocean surface.

The overnight sea turtle nesting tour at Bay Canh islet is less popular since a limited number of visitors are allowed to stay overnight on the islet.

Turtle watchers are advised to avoid making noises such as laughing or talking loudly when they are waiting for the turtles to arrive from the ocean. The ranger will alert you when the sea turtle comes for nesting so don’t worry that you will miss the precious moment.

If all this seems too much to choose from, tell us about your interests and your tastes, and we’ll help you craft the perfect adventure to help you unlock the secrets of Côn Đảo.