Local life

Côn Đảo is not only about its profound history and stunning natural surroundings. A large part of the island is the peaceful local life and we endeavor to explore as much of this as we can. The landscape in this small town is very special with one side is the blue ocean vista view and the other side is the architecture from the French colonial era bearing the Western mark. There are very little traffic in this town, so visitors can walk to experience peaceful place.

For those looking to discover the island and find out what Côn Đảo life is all about it is recommended to take a local life tour. Travel through the island exploring the narrow back roads, small local dwellings and agricultural plots peppered with livestock. During your tour visit the Ben Dam Harbor where the majority of Côn Đảo’s catch and all island suppliers are brought in; Van Son Tu Pagoda where you can walk the 170 steps to the islands only pagoda and the Phi Yen Temple where the local Vietnamese pay their respects to the former wife of Emperor Nguyen Anh.

During your Côn Đảo discovery stop for some stunning photo opportunities at Nhat Beach and Shark Cape and soak up the atmosphere at the daily market as the locals purchase the exotic fresh produce on offer. At the end of your tour, enjoying a local Vietnamese coffee at Café Ba Lê and chatting with Côn Đảo people about life on the island from a local perspective.