The Secret Activities

The Secret Côn Đảo brings an experience beyond expectations for the guest. With captivating activities and thoughtful, welcoming attention tailored for younger guests and their families, each part of The Secret Côn Đảo is a destination that celebrates the art of play. Every moment becomes a treasure and every experience creates indelible memories for your family to share.

Discover the secrets behind Vietnamese world-acclaimed cuisine using fresh organic herbs and ingredients in our Vietnamese Cooking Class. Our chefs will share their expert knowledge and time-honored techniques. If you tend to be a dessert person, join us for an exciting flour-and-butter experience to Bake Your Own Cookies. Wake up your inner artist in our Coconut Leaf or Towel Artwork classes. Imagine the animals: elephants, turtles, penguins, grasshoppers… made from coconut leaves or towels and your delicacy and creativity.

In the evening, meet our mixologists and be ready to learn the inspiration behind the signature recipes and the step-by-step methods to make your own. Sip and savor your creations for an engaging afternoon with Mix-A-Cocktail classes. You’re also welcome to join the Vietnamese Language Class, Massage Class or Chess Competition. They provide excellent opportunities to spend quality and enjoyable time with your family or connect with fellow hotel guests. At the end of the day, bring your whole family and gather around our infinity pool for a one-of-a-kind outdoor Movie Night experience set amongst rich foliage and a starry night sky.

In your room you will find our comprehensive program, offering a day-to-day breakdown of all activities, timings, and locations. Our recreational team is pleased to provide more details and help make arrangements. Choose from a selection of activities to experience together while exploring the rich culture of Vietnam.

Discover the activity calendar here: Activity Calendar